Utility Engineer, Japan New Plasma Facility Project

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Deliver optimal designs, operating procedures and maintenance programs for GMP and non-GMP Plant Utilities Systems / Critical Systems / Site Infrastructure Systems
Maintain accurate, consice, effective, up to date operating procedures and maintenance plans for Plant Utilities Systems / Critical Systems / Site Infrastructure Systems
Drive continuous improvements through defect elimination in System Design, Operations and Maintenance program and processes
Support Sustainability initiatives related to Plant Utilities Systems (e.g. energy, water, waste reduction)

Acting as a Plant Engineer in the Engineering workstream of the project and being the project point of contact with the engineering company for utilities (black and clean) and sustainability related activities.
In detail, He/she will:

Report to the Engineering Manager.
Develop and maintain utility concepts and engineering scope based on the approved budget and schedule.
Ensure that all utility systems meet regulatory requirements, client specifications, and industry standards and defines the user requirements.
Collaborate with other project disciplines to ensure integrated design solutions.
Guide and coordinate with the external design company on the procurement strategy and procurement packages definition related to its discipline.
Review and approve design documents and concepts.
Conduct gate keeping reviews.
Review and approve contractor submittals.
Manage the resolution of technical issues.
雇用形態 正社員

Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical, preferred).
10+ years of experience in facility and utility engineering, with a focus on pharmaceutical projects.
Strong technical knowledge of utility systems and piping, including HVAC.
Experience in multidisciplinary teams, preferably with experience as a leader.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Japanese.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
Passion for delivering high-quality engineering solutions and commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.
What Takeda can offer you:

Allowances: Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work etc.
英語力 ビジネスレベル
年収 600万 〜 1000万円
給与詳細 600万円-1000万円
勤務地 大阪府
備考 ”Better Health for People, Brighter Future for the World” is the purpose of a company.We aim to create a diverse and inclusiveorganization where people can thrive, grow and realize their own potential while enabling our purpose. We continue to innovate and drive changes that will transformthe lives of patients. We’re looking for like-minded professionals to join us.
Takeda isa global values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader. We are guided by our values of Takeda-ism, whichhas been passed down since the company’s founding. Takeda-ismincorporatesIntegrity, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance, with Integrity at the core. They are brought to life through actions based on Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business, in this order.





職務内容 ■担当業務 ・受託案件のマネジメント(配置としての窓口対応) ・受託案件で利用するWebアプリケーションの設計・試験設定・テスト ・受託案件で構築したWebアプリケーションの、保守運用 ・業務改善支援(社内システムの提案や設計等) SEと同じ部門に所属しますが、システムを開発する際の仕様を社内外の関係者と協議・調整していき、システム改修や社内外からの問い合わせがあった際にはその窓口として担当し同時期に数件の案件を担当し、クライアントや案件のフェーズに応じて柔軟に対応していくコミュニケーションスキルが求められます。 プログラミングスキルは必要ありませんが、社内外とシステム関連の取り組みができる知識と臨床研究の流れを着実に進める姿勢が必要です。 ■弊社のエンジニアとして働く魅力 ・事業会社として自社の競合力を支える自社製プロダクトに直接関われる重要感 ・少数精鋭のエンジニアとフラットなチーム ・事業会社であるため、顧客との距離も近くに改善生きていける ・覚悟のある提案は通りやすいので、自分の可能性を広げたい方にはオススメ ・私服勤務OK(顧客折衝、会談等を除く) ■身に付けられるスキルと知識・キャリアパス ・受託案件を通して社内・社外に対するコミュニケーション能力とマネジメント能力の向上 ・エンジニアリードでプロジェクトをマネジメントする機会 ・医療業界出身の多様な人材との交流、医療系スタートアップ立ち等に使える知識・製品戦略、価格戦略など高度なビジネススキルの獲得

  • 500万〜700万
  • 大阪府,東京都
  • CRO


Platform Engineer - Data Solutions_ID:577

The Opportunity As a Data Platforms Engineering leader, you'll have a business Impact and direct alignment to the Head of Data Platforms and Architecture vision. The role is a key enabler for Takeda strategy to become a Data Driven Enterprise. By connecting with Business Units and Business Functions within Takeda’s Global Business and with their data teams, the data platform lead will strategically architect data, processes, and technology to achieve faster time to market for life saving products. Ultimately, help Takeda to make better decisions that improve the quality and efficiency of care for patients. You will develop data driven solutions utilizing current and next generation technologies to meet evolving business needs. You will quickly identify opportunities and recommend possible technical solutions and you will develop application systems that comply with the standard system development methodology and concepts for design, programming, backup, and recovery to deliver solutions that have superior performance, reliability, and integrity. As part of our transformational journey on Data & AI in Operations, we are taking the steps to advance to Data Mesh architecture. The current Datalake exists to give all Operations units access to critical data and analytic tools at pace, accelerating their work on life saving medicines. The vision of EDS is also accelerating Operations’ data strategy of making our data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and re-useable. This is being achieved through the creation of a distributed data architecture, management of our data and data products which will sit as a centerpiece of this strategy and the future evolution of Data Science. Responsibilities Create best practices and thought leadership content to be used by the federated delivery teams building data solutions and data products on Enterprise Data platforms that cater to batch, streaming and real-time data. Influence stakeholders at all levels through complex engagement models with the wider cloud ecosystem not limited but inclusive of AWS foundations for Infrastructure and data technologies, Databricks, Informatica, Kafka, Managed File Transfer, and 3rd party applications, ensuring they are excited by the Enterprise Data Services vision and solution strategy. Be a 'champion’ for both customers and colleagues by operating as an expert Engineer and trusted advisor for significant data analytics architecture, design, and adoption and scaling of the Datalake platform. Provide a roadmap for modernizing legacy capabilities inherent to the current platform. Support all data platform initiatives – Data Lake Strategy, Data Engineering and Platform development, Data Governance, Security Models, and Master Data Management. Establish a collaborative engineering culture based on trust, innovation, and a mindset of continuous improvement. Utilize Industry best practices and agile methodologies to deliver solution and extract efficiency through automations in Continuous Development and Continuous Integration. Manages efforts to problem solve for engineering challenges and coordinate with project consultants and delivery/engagement managers. As a leading technical contributor who can consistently take a poorly defined business or technical problem, work it to a well-defined data problem/specification, and execute it at a high level. Have a strong focus on metrics, both for the impact of their work and for its engineering and operations. Understand the Data Platforms investments and create data tools for consumption of services and uncover opportunities for cost optimization to assist the team in building and optimizing our platforms into an innovative unit within the company. Skills and Qualifications Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science/Information technology; or relevant work experience.

  • 500万〜800万
  • 東京都
  • 医薬品メーカー(先発医薬品)



システム開発・標準化に向けた要件定義及び関連業務の実施(各種開発業務を含む)  ・現状システム分析  ・要件定義、概要設計  ・詳細設計及びシステム開発  ・運用手順検討

  • 400万〜600万
  • 東京都
  • CRO


大阪 臨床開発システムエンジニア

自社のデータマネージャー向けに、臨床試験の症例情報を正確・効率的にDB化するためのシステムをユーザー要求・要件定義の段階から構築、運用(保守)までを担って頂きます。 まずはプログラマーとしてシステム開発を担当後、プロジェクトマネジメントスキルを身に着けていただきます。 【具体的な業務内容】 ■ユーザー要求、計画書作成の対応 ■機能仕様書の作成 ■設計仕様書、各詳細仕様書の作成 ■システム開発の実施 ■システムテストの実施と対応 ■ユーザー受入テストの対応

  • 400万〜600万
  • 大阪府
  • CRO