JoB No. 211


ポジション名 CRAManagerV5

職種 臨床開発

業務内容 Essential Functions
Important duties and responsibilities associated with the job.
• Line management of Clinical Research Associates (CRA) in specified country/region(s);
• Recruitment, training, development and allocation of CRAs in country/region(s);
• Manage turnover and retention of CRAs to meet company objective;
• Assist Clinical Trial Managers (CTM) with achieving project objectives in regards to CRA performance standards and monitoring consistency and compliance;
• Assist CTMs in trouble shooting and serve as a resource for issue resolution;
• May serve as a main contact for the country/region including feasibility; and
• May serve as a lead CRA as needed.

勤務地 東京都

応募資格 CRA Manager I
This is a proficient individual with strong leadership skills and thorough understanding of Clinical Operations activities. Employee is responsible for overall training, management and development of CRAs and/or Clinical Monitoring Interns.
• Bachelor’s degree with 4 years’ experience as CRA in specified country;
• Advanced knowledge of International Conference on Harmonisation/Good Clinical Practice, and Medpace Standard Operating Procedures;
• Strong leadership, mentoring, and motivational skills;
• Generate and conduct effective CRA training program;

• Provide constructive feedback on CRA training performance and competency, for in-house and on-site evaluation;
• Monitors CRA overall capacity and performance;
• Effective written and verbal communication skills; and
• Proficient knowledge of Microsoft® Office software.

CRA Manager II
Highly-proficient employee with strong leadership and problem-solving skills. The core duty is responsible for overall line management and development of experienced CRAs.
• Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of clinical monitoring line management experience; and
• Act as a resource and assist with training for entry-level CRA managers.

Senior CRA Manager
Independent functioning individual with strong interpersonal and decision making skills. May be responsible for leading departmental projects/tasks (e.g., training program, resourcing, recruiting, etc.) for multiple countries or regions.
• Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of clinical monitoring line management experience;
• Maintains effective communication with Director, Global Clinical Monitoring, regarding ongoing departmental responsibilities; and
• Training, supervision, and development of CRAs and CRA Managers.

Mental Demands
The degree and type of independent judgment and mental effort needed to solve problems associated with the job.

The employee is expected to effectively manage CRAs and/or CRA Managers.

Supervision Exercised
Number of employees directly and indirectly, type of work performed, type of supervision exerci sed, and identification of functional responsibility.
Direct supervisory responsibility for CRAs and/or CRA Managers.

The scope of the position, the type of impact, and the limits imposed by organization controls or by the work process.

The employee is expected to efficiently and accurately manage CRAs and/or CRA Managers to meet quality and project expectations. Initiative and insight into management of employees and research processes are required to anticipate potential problems before they arise. Independent decision making is required.

雇用形態 正社員

年収目安 890万~1300万円
備考 ---
担当コンサルタント 吉原 貴